Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ohio Unemployment Filing

Ohio unemployment filing is increasing month after month since the beginning of the recession. This phenomenon is due to the increasing Ohio unemployment rate, which for September 2009 reached 10.1 according to the US Department of Labor. It is not a surprise to know that people of Ohio are faced with no choice but to seek for unemployment benefits from its government.

Filing Bankruptcy

Each state has its own process of filing for unemployment benefits that its local residents should be aware of. Filing for unemployment in Ohio should be made immediately after the person becomes unemployed. This lets the person receive a claim the Sunday of the calendar week the filing is made. Ohio unemployment procedure is done either by filing online or through phone assisted application.

A resident must make sure he has the necessary information or documents when filing for unemployment in Ohio and this includes the basic details below (based on the official website of Ohio Department of Job and Family Services – ODJFS):

1. Social Security Number, name, address , telephone number and e-mail address
2. Employment history, including most recent employment start and end dates.
3. Employer information (each one you have worked in the last 6 weeks) - name, address, telephone number and dates of your employment
4. State employment information (within the last 18 months) - the name, address, telephone number and dates of your employment
5. Federal government employment information (within the last 18 months) – SF-8 or SF-80 form
6. The reason you became unemployed for each employer.
7. Spouse’s name and social security number
8. Dependents' names, social security numbers, and dates of birth.
9. Alien Registration number and the expiration date of your work authorization ( if you are not a U.S. citizen or National).
10. Your regular occupation and job skills.

Appling for Ohio unemployment benefits online provides the individual a personal account that he can use for filing claims. It is also a venue to check on claim status and customize manner of receiving the benefits among many others.

Filing for unemployment in Ohio is made very systematic for its residents. This lessens the burden of its people who needs financial assistance after being unemployed.

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