Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Reasons for Denial of an Ohio Unemployment Application

Ohio unemployment privilege is bestowed on eligible people whose situation falls on the qualified reasons acknowledged by the state. The possibility of a denial of Ohio unemployment application is not a rare case when certain conditions are not met by the applicant. While many are qualified to apply for this benefit, some who are not still attempt to apply resulting to rejection.

The initial thing one needs to know when filing for this claim is the Ohio unemployment eligibility requirements. Some people are reluctant to even make inquiries about it thinking a resident of Ohio is automatically given this privilege. First to be informed about is if one voluntarily resigns from his position or has been terminated for a fault he committed, this already results to ineligibility to file for unemployment benefits. One of the Ohio unemployment eligibility requirements is being unemployed without the fault of the applicant.

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The individual must also be under a covered employment or working in a company where the employer pays for unemployment taxes or insurance to become eligible. In this case, sole proprietors are not given this benefit. Wages are also verified when filing for unemployment in Ohio . The current acceptable earnings a person receives must be an average weekly of at least $210.00. This rate though is subject to change. This earning should be the wage received within the base-period as mandated by the Ohio government.

Another reason of denial when filing for unemployment in Ohio is falsification of documents reflecting prior earnings. The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) works with other related organizations or government bodies in order to determine the veracity of every document being submitted for this purpose. An applicant cannot escape the scrutiny of the agency much less be granted an unemployment benefit if he is not entitled to it.

An Ohio unemployment benefits applicant must be informed of the reasons his application may be denied to prevent making any mistakes when deciding to undergo this process.

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